Sometimes it’s just me is a series I am beginning that has little to do with my faith, but more to do with silly quirks and human foibles.
One year for my birthday, my husband Dan gave me a paper cutter. I’m so sorry – I was so perplexed that I stared at it blankly. Usually I’m very gracious about gifts, but there was something about this one that just completely caught me offguard. It had never occurred to me to purchase a paper cutter.
It’s always helpful when you receive a gift if you’ve considered getting one before, or heard yourself saying, “I really could use a spontfriller right about now.” When that has happened, the response to the item is spontaneous, “Thank you so much!!! I was just thinking that I’d love to have a spontfriller!!! How did you know that?! You’re amazing!”
No, I’d never thought that about this paper cutter, so I had to go through the entire thought sequence from scratch. “What does one use this for? When will I ever need to do that? Will it be worth the room it takes up to have one of these? Do I want one of these?” THEN and only then can I manage to put on my face some semblance of understanding of the windfall I have just received.
My husband and I laugh about the paper cutter. And we observe that the items that I have this thought glitch about, when receiving them, always turn out to be exceedingly useful. I LOVE my paper cutter. I’m not kidding. I use it all the time. I never want to have to replace it because they don’t make it like mine anymore, which is sad.
So now, with a bit more experience receiving spontfrillers, I know that with confidence I can skip the perplexity and go straight to the conclusion that this item, which I’ve never conceived of having, is likely to be one of my most useful, which frees me up to be gracious and grateful.